The Colors of Autumn

 Autumn? Oh yes, it is still autumn season in Europe! Others call  it fall season. It is probably because most leaves are falling from the trees during this time.

What do you observe during autumn?
-The weather is getting colder.
-The sky is grey and dark sometimes.
-The day is shorter.
- The night is longer.
- The trees around are turning its color from green to yellow, golden brown, red, orange, pink and so on and so forth.

What I do during autumn?
-I always love to eat when it is cold. Not really good for me..lolz!
-I don't want to go out unless needed like running errands or go grocery shopping.
-I still go for a walk sometimes when it is not raining.
-I have more time to go online and do blogging. I simply love to blog.
-I always miss the tropical weather in my home country. I truly miss the blue sky, blue sea and the sunset and of course my family, most of all!

I still see the beauty of autumn despite being cold and grey. Cheers everyone! This world is so beautiful!

The road where I always drive.
I took a stop when I saw this falling colorful leaves. I love it!
In the neighborhood  somewhere in Bavaria, Germany  as we had a walk  during a beautiful autumn day.

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