A Career to Remember

I am  asking myself sometimes if I miss my job as a banker. Do I? I can say, yes, sometimes. I actually had an early retirement that time. After  around 9 years of serving Equitable PCIBank, now Banco de  Oro or BDO, I have to quite my job and applied for an early retirement. I was so thankful that it was granted  and I received a lump sum amount to start a new life. Oh well not really starting a new life but during that time, I was waiting for my visa to join my husband to be abroad.

That amount of money I received from my retirement was put up as a capital in a merchandising business. That way, I was able to help my family especially my siblings in sending to school.

I would say, my  time at the bank was really a great one. My have cool office mates and I  had the chance to meet people from all walks of life...rich, middle, poor, men, women, young and old. It really doesn't matter on how much money they deposit at the bank but the way on how they treat people.

I learned a lot during those times and I can say, those days were I worked in one of the top trier bank in the Philippines  will always be remembered. Thanks to my former officemates for the friendship, treamwork and camaraderie.

At  the moment, I am a  gardener, cook, blogger, freelancer  and traveler  and I love it!

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