Roses and Violas

They are slowly dying in our garden.  It is autumn time now in Europe and most  trees, plants  and flowers are withering especially if they are outside.  I can still see  some violas and roses flowering. In a couple of days, I know they will be gone.

I will  surely miss these flowers in our garden. See you next year again!

Viola typically have heart-shaped, scalloped leaves, though a number have palmate leaves or other shapes. The vast majority of Viola species are herbaceous, and a substantial number are acaulescent in habit - meaning they lack any noticeable stems and the foliage and flowers appear to rise from the ground; the remaining species have short stems with foliage and flowers produced in the axils of the leaves.

Roses are best known as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in the garden and sometimes indoors. They have been also used for commercial perfumery and commercial cut flower crops. Some are used as landscape plants, for hedging and for other utilitarian purposes such as game cover and slope stabilization.

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