The Yellow Dahlias in Our Garden

I haven't seen the flowers of the dahlias until now in our garden. I replanted some last spring time but everytime the leaves are growing the snails are eating them. These pests are really unstoppable.

Dahlias are herbaceous perennial plants. Like sunflower, daisy and chrysanthemum, they are members of the Asteraceae or Compositae, dicotyledonous plants. I love these flowers and hope to see them this year before autumn time comes.

The Yellow Dahlias in our garden. Also known as Dahlia x hybrida. This image was taken last summer 2011.


'Mum-2-3-' said...

aw that is one pretty flowers.

Carmel Cole said...

ohhh what beautiful Dahlias you have. i used to grow dahlias in my garden before but they are annuals so i didn't bother to plant another one again. thanks for this beautiful post.