The Yellow Daffodils in Our Garden

Most of them are gone now  and  I am happy to see them once in a year. Daffodil is the  common name  of the Narcissus flowering plant. They are bulbous plants and are winter hard. They always bloom flowers every spring time. It feels like a therapy for my body and spirit everytime I see them blooming in our garden. Truly such a beauty of nature!

These daffodils are from our garden and was captured last April 2012.
All Narcissus species have a central bell-, bowl-, or disc-shaped corona surrounded by a ring of six floral leaves called the perianth which is united into a tube at the forward edge of the 3-locular ovary. The seeds are black, round and swollen with a hard coat. The three outer segments are sepals, and the three inner segments are petals. Though the traditional daffodil of folklore, poetry, and field may have a yellow to golden-yellow color all over, both in the wild species and due to breeding, the perianth and corona may be variously colored. Breeders have developed some daffodils with double, triple, or ambiguously multiple rows and layers of segments, and several wild species also have known double variants. wikipedia

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