The Cosmos Flower Has A Visitor

As I went to our garden to breath some fresh air this morning, I heard some sounds. I was trying to look around where it came from. I was even afraid because I heard a loud sound from bees. There, they go! I saw them sipping the flowers from the wild grape vines.

The cosmos flower below has also a visitor who is trying to sip the minerals in its flower. Hopefully next month, I can see again the blooms from the cosmos flowers in our garden.

This was taken from our garden last summer 2010.

Cosmos is a genus, with the same common name of Cosmos, of about 20–26 species of annual and perennial plants in the family Asteraceae. Cosmos are herbaceous perennial plants growing 0.3–2 m tall. The leaves are simple, pinnate, or bipinnate, and arranged in opposite pairs. The flowers are produced in a capitulum with a ring of broad ray florets and a center of disc florets; flower color is very variable between the different species. The genus includes several ornamental plants popular in gardens.

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