Spring Time is Garden Time

Spring is finally here! It officially started in Germany last Monday March 21, 2011. I am quite excited because I already see some flowers blooming in our garden. The crocus are the first ones that are currently blooming. Spring time is garden time! It is time to slowly shop for garden accessories. In fact, we went yesterday to the nearest supermarket to window shop for garden accessories and garden furniture. The supermarket is so big that you can see a lot of goods and merchandise including house and garden decors and accessories.

garden accessories at the supermarket we visited yesterday. I love especially the shades of these garden decors.

I am also trying to look for garden ideas because there will be a garden makeover very soon. We are only waiting for plan and we will submit it for approval in the proper authorities. It needs to be approved because it is quite a big project. Actually it is the making of a garage and at the back will be a garden terrace. An architect is still working on it.

Hubby is also planning to install some lighting. I am quite excited how our garden will look like after everything will be done. I already browsed some garden ideas last week and I hope that we can finalize it before the end of the month. Spring is one of the best seasons of the year for me. You know why? I simply love flowers and I can't wait to start gardening again. Have a lovely day!

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