Need A Yard Makeover

Did you just see the second image I posted here? This is a part of our yard and garden. Have you seen the dilapidated walls near the stairs going to the pavilion? I believed it is very clear now why we need to do some yard makeover. Our yard will have a new face before summer comes. I guarantee that. This is also the reason why until now, I am still searching for good ideas on how to transform this space into an enchanting part of our garden.

I have been looking for garden ideas in magazines and in the internet for the past weeks. Good to know that I already found some. Hubby and I only need to decide what is the best one. We are also planning to buy new set of garden furniture and maybe some outdoor toys like sand pits and slide for children to play. The latter is quite a good idea since we don't have a room inside the house for children to play. For sure, my friends' children will be surprised about this.

Here are some images from our chaotic garden.

Some of the flowers I grow in our garden. I hope to arrange them better this year especially with our yard makeover project.

This is a part of our yard that needs some make-over. See how scattered and disarranged were the stuffs that you see here? In fact, our garden needs a new look soon. Something that is quite appealing and charming. This was taken last year in summer. This lawn space will be transformed into a charming outdoor living room this coming summer season. For sure, I will share some pictures when it is done. I also wanted to put here a new garden set. Watch out for its new look in summer.

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