Begonia Flowers, Begoniaceae

Begonia is one of the flowers that I love. Anyway, I love all flowers from wild ones to garden flowers. When I see any flower that blooms, it always fascinates me.

Begonia is a perennial flower that belongs to flowering plant family Begoniaceae. It is said that this genus name was given by Charles Plumier, a French patron of botany, in honor of Michel B├ęgon.

Because of their sometimes showy flowers of white, pink, scarlet or yellow color and often attractively marked leaves, many species and innumerable hybrids and cultivars are cultivated. With over 1,500 species, Begonia is one of the ten largest angiosperm genera.

beautiful Begonia taken in a garden center. The one we had last year was already gone due to winter. We don't have a place for it inside our house. We will be buying again some this spring time.

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