Smell The Flowers: Two Eco Friendly Travel Ideas

Eco friendly travel, also known as ecotourism, is becoming a popular way to see the world. Eco friendly travel allows those on holiday to not only see a beautiful part of the world but also do so in a way that is green and good for the environment. Here are two of the most fantastic places in Europe to spend an eco holiday!


Denmark is Scandinavia’s smallest country but it is making a huge splash environmentally. Copenhagen has been dubbed as one of the most eco friendly cities in all of Europe. This place gets 9% of its electricity from wind power and as a whole around 60% of the country's waste is recycled.

You will find that nearly all of Copenhagen is outlined by bike trails. There is almost nowhere to go that a bike can't take you. There is estimated to be a bike for every one of Copenhagen’s 1.9 million citizens and there are a few thousand rental bikes for tourists. The bikes can easily be rented during the day and returned to any rack at night for a nominal fee.

While staying in Denmark you can spend your time at one of the many inexpensive bed and breakfasts, usually in the form of a small eco friendly company, which are often located on working farms. You can also spend your time camping in one of several national parks or preserves that dot the land.


So you want to be close to nature without getting rained on while you sleep, right? Well the National Trust has made that quite the possibility with the introduction of eco friendly camping pods. These small wooden pods have practically no ecological footprint and have been placed along some of the most beautiful walking trails and scenic areas of the national trust. The average pod sleeps a small family of 2 adults and 1 children and newer family pods sleep up to 2 adults and 3 children.

These pods allow visitors to be closer to nature without having to put up a tent or worry about rain. They are a warm, safe way to enjoy nature from a very close perspective.

Photo by: Denmark, Alanwoo

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