Design Inspiration: Five Ideas For Your Garden

1) Fauna and Flora

With the simple addition of adding fauna and flora to your garden, you can completely change the look of your garden into something spectacular. Going for a lush look? If you have a shady garden to begin with, adding some ferns or ornamental grasses is a wonderful way to beautify your garden. With just the right colors of flowers in full bloom you can have an eye catching array of flora. Keep in mind leaves of plants can always add a bit of zeal to a listless garden depending on type when flowers are not in bloom.

2) Sculpture

Adding a piece of sculpture here and there in your garden is a great way to accent a plain area into something more. Garden gnomes aside, there are many stone masons who craft beautiful and long lasting images, they can range from modern and contemporary garden ornament pieces to more traditional and Neo-classical designs of varying sizes.

3) Water Features

Water fountains, either simple or elaborate can bring lusciousness to your garden. In conjunction with fauna in a secluded part of garden you can have a peaceful area that is calming to look at. Even the simple feature of adding a bird bath can give many moments of enjoyment by watching birds flock to it to bathe.

4) Tiered gardens

Bringing levels to your garden adds a complexity and can draw the eye to many different focal points. Planter and gardening boxes can be hung or arranged strategically throughout and is perfect if you would like to have more mobility in designing the grounds.

5) Inspired Moments from Traveling

If you're an avid traveler or had a grand experience visiting part of the world, why not have your garden reflect the sights of what you've seen? Perhaps bring a bit of a specific culture into your backyard as a means to remember fond moments in your travels? Gerniums reminiscent of Italy, a Buda from Asia, even if you haven't traveled there, you can capture the feelings and images that are very familiar of that part of the world.

Photo by: RB

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