The Beautiful Garden in Birkhill Castle, Scotland

I was already thinking some months ago to include posting in this blog images of the royal gardens that I visited here in Europe. It also means that I will be posting images of castles and palaces where these royal gardens are located. Not only you will see here the beauty of nature, but you will also experience visiting some scenic parts of the world starting today. How would you like to spend your vacation in a castle with a beautiful garden? Birkhill Castle is a luxury Scottish castle located in the historic St Andrew’s, Fife, Scotland. It is available for private groups, corporate events, sporting breaks, weddings and other activities.

Spending any of your Scotland breaks and holidays can be a very memorable and interesting experience. At Birkhill castle, you will easily feel at home because of its friendly atmosphere. Their facilities include a heated 40 feet swimming pool, tennis court, play equipment, billiard room and a lot more. There are some activities that are also located nearby like spending a day at st andrews golf break. Fishing, sailing, horse riding are only few activities in the area. What I loved most at Birkhill Castle is the 2.5 acres walled garden which has a traditional Scottish Victorian style. Don't also forget that Edinburgh, Scotland's capital is almost an hour drive from this castle. What a lovely place to spend a holiday here!

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