Beautiful Begonias

This was taken as we visited a garden center around two weeks ago. We were looking for some stuffs in that store and glad to say they are selling plants and flowers too! This blog is happy to join for the first time Ruby Tuesday. Feel free to click the links below.

Feel free to visit Ruby Tuesday,Wordless Wednesday, Mellow Yellow and Today's Flowers to see more photos! Thanks to the Authors of this wonderful memes. Have a great one to all.


nicquee said...

I love seeing pictures of flowers. It is a girl-thing?

Mine's up too.

Denise said...

A lovely contrast of pretty colors in your photo. Thanks for sharing with Today's Flowers.

AJ said...

tuesday ruby!..cute naman. parang iyong bigonias..saka ung masipag na owner na rin :D

Huzaifa said...

simply these flowers are beautiful..