Watery Wednesday #1

Hello everyrone! A body of water is considered as nature. Taking for example lakes, oceans, rivers or maybe a canal. These can be a great form of nature and water is one of the greatest elements that human being need everyday. We hope that we begin to take care of this kind of nature, the water around us.

This blog is joining for the first time Watery Wednesday meme to show the beauty of water that we see around. We rock and try get watery every Wednesday! cheers! here is our first entry, the river that flows near our place.

Click the logo to join and see beauty of different waters around the world! Thanks to 2SweetnSaxy for hosting this beautiful meme! Happy Watery Wednesday!


ProdigalWife said...

What a beautiful photo of a lovely spot!

Photo Cache said...

welcome to this wonderful meme. nice first entry.

i posted mine over at