MYM and TF Memes - Tulip Flowers

Surprise for the first day of September! This site is joining for the first time two memes, Today's Flowers and Mellow Yellow Monday. I know that there are a lot of yellow flowers out there and in our garden. These two memes would be a great combination to share the beauty of nature around the world. Here is my first entry for these beautiful memes! These are red and yellow tulips taken from our garden! have a great day to all!



Click the logos...feel free to join and see the beauty of yellow colors and flowers from all over the world. Special appreciation to Maria , Luiz and the TF team for these very wonderful memes. Happy a great day to all!


Becca said...

Tulips are such beautiful flowers. Great pic :)

Judy said...

You have a lot of beautiful flowers on your blog!! I will have to come back again!!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Wow! These are beautiful!

Annie said...

Such depth and brilliance. The look almost like wax and meant to last forever. Very pretty.

Grace Olsson said...

spectacular, dear
Have a nice week