Flowers in Landesgartenschau in Neumarkt

Me and my wife visited yesterday the Landesgartenschau or City Garden in Neumarkt. We had fun going around while taking pictures of the different flowers, bushes and trees and at the same time enjoying the scenery of nature. It was a very beautiful day. We have a blue violet flower here. We need you help to indentify this. We are not sure if this is called Syringa or Flieder Blumen in German. any idea out there?..Thanks in advance!
Thanks to Gracieanne for sharing the name of this flower..It is called Lilac or Flieder in German. Tried to visit you Gracieanne but it seems that you profile is private.


Gracieanne1 said...

Hello and greetings from New Jersey.

This beautiful cluster of tiny flower petals is called Lilac or the plural form is Lilacs here in the United States.

Anna said...

Hello from Portugal !
I don't know if it's a Lilacs but I think it's a Buddleja or "butterflytree", you must see the leaf to see the difference.
Check out in the amasing french site :