White Jasmine in Our Garden

Spring time is here. Plants and trees are starting to bloom flowers now. Most plants I saw around our place are bearing flowers now. A lovely time of the year! These are the white jasmine flowers in our garden. It smells so good! have fun viewing!
copyright photo taken by Euronics with Sony Cybershot DSC-W110

Jasmine (Jasminum, pronounced /ˈdʒæzmɨnəm/, from Old French Jasmine which is from the Persian yasmin, i.e. "gift from God", via Arabic is a genus of shrubs and vines in the olive family (Oleaceae),with about 200 species, native to tropical and warm temperate regions of the Old World. The majority of species grow as climbers on other plants or on structures such as chicken wire, gates or fences. The leaves can be either evergreen (green all year round) or deciduous (falling leaves in autumn).

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