Red Roses in Our garden

I have different kinds of Roses in our garden...I love them too!! Colors ranging from white, to yellow, orange, pink, red are the ones that I have. I remember during my birthday this month, my husband want to cut these bundles of Roses to gave it to me..I told him, you have trouble with me if you do that...lol...and he just laughed!!..I would like better to see them in my garden that be displayed in a flower vase..

Some rose flowers are still blooming now but some of the leaves are already starting to fall down..I guess autumn time is fast coming!! Sometimes the weather in the night is just so cold that I think is the reason why the leaves continue to fall down..

just sharing these beautiful Roses in our garden!!! I really love them!!! how about you??
have a great day to all!!
Roses in our garden..photo taken by Eurostar

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