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I finally decided to purchased a domain for this blog. I purhased it last Tuesday Aug. 12, 2008..My husband finally have a credit card.. We don't use a credit card but since I figure out that really need one, I convinced my husband to get one...and we finally have it!!...I guess this is also good so I don't have to disturb other friends who already help me about blogging.. Sometimes it is just shameful to ask for friends some favor about purchasing a domain. don't accept paypal, so I guess this is better then.

Thanks to some friends out there who help me improve my blogging and all the tips and infos about blogging. I really appreciate everything and I mean it.. One day you will be rewarded in one way or another.

I know I still have to learn a lot in the least I'm trying and learning new things here..but there are just things that I think I don't have talent..Thanks once again to friends who help me here!!

have a great weekend ahead!!

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carlota said...

salute to you miss...daghan blog more molah wink*

by the way, wala pa nako to nabuhat imong request sorry ha na busy lang jud. this week i promise. ayo ayo kanunay Rubz.