Cacti in Our Window

I love all kinds of plants and flowers..whatever kind of plant it is, I believed it still posses it's own beauty and charm. That is how crazy I am about plants and flowers. It is just so sad that in Germany I can't go gardening the whole year because or winter time. Unlike in the Philippines where all year round, almost kinds of plants and flowers can grow.

Anyway, my husband told me that our house is now a little forest because almost all windows have plants or flowers in it..I love it though and my husband can't do anything about it...wink!! How I wish I can have a winter garden!!..but it is too expensive here in Germany to have it...hmmm!!!...any donations???? just kidding..

guess that's all for now..have a great day to all especially to all nature lovers out there!!

I guess I have around 8 kinds of cacti in our house. I love them because they don't consume too much space.

A cactus (plural: cacti, the word derives from Greek, thus the Latin plural "cacti" is etymologically inappropriate, though it is frequently used nonetheless as is otherwise singular "cactus") is any member of the succulent plant family Cactaceae, native to the Americas. They are often used as ornamental plants, but some are also crop plants.

Cacti are distinctive and unusual plants, which are adapted to extremely arid and hot environments, showing a wide range of anatomical and physiological features which conserve water. Their stems have expanded into green succulent structures containing the chlorophyll necessary for life and growth, while the leaves have become the spines for which cacti are so well known.

Cacti come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The tallest is Pachycereus pringlei, with a maximum recorded height of 19.2 m, and the smallest is Blossfeldia liliputiana, only about 1 cm diameter at maturity. Cactus flowers are large, and like the spines and branches arise from areoles. Many cactus species are night blooming, as they are pollinated by nocturnal insects or small animals, principally moths and bats. Cacti range in size from small and globular to tall and columnar.

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